Somatic Therapy
Facing East

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nathan Rehm, LCSW, SEP,

Offering online somatic therapy to motivated trauma survivors in Oregon and Arizona for both symptom relief and greater embodiment and aliveness

How May I Help You?

I help motivated trauma survivors feel empowered to change their lives so they suffer less, feel present in their bodies, and have greater enthusiasm and purpose for life.


Somatic Therapy Facing East

The positive, body-based approach needed to address anxiety, depression, trauma, and more...


I am an ongoing witness to the latent power within all of us to resolve the challenges in our lives. Healing can sometimes feel easy and joyful. And sometimes it can feel like a mountain to climb. I have been honored to assist clients in safely reaching their top throughout my career. And I have seen that anyone can do it. Survivors just need a little information, a handful of practical tools, and a therapist with who knows what they’re doing. Read about me, my approach, and feel free to reach out.

Colleague Testimonials

Nathan has extensive expertise, masterful skill, and a luminous heart!...I cannot recommend him highly enough.​
I have enjoyed working with Nathan...He has a kind and compassionate heart. He has a thorough understanding of trauma and many healing modalities.
Nathan is a one of a kind therapist and human. Count your lucky stars if you happen to cross his path professionally or personally.
Wonderful individual on an even more wonderful mission.